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Are you looking for an action-packed adventure in and around Iceland’s iconic Vatnajökull National Park?

Do you want to build or sharpen your ice climbing skills while experiencing the thrill of Europe’s largest ice cap?

From glacier hiking to canyoning, and skill courses to an exclusive personal guided service, Ice Guardians is a leader in Vatnajökull adventures.

Browse our range of Iceland outdoor activities below and start planning your adventure in the Land of Fire and Ice.

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Our Iceland Adventure Activities, Trips, and Courses

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Blue Ice Cave Adventure with Glacier Adventure

Blue Ice Cave/s & Glacier Hike on Vatnajökull Glacier.
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Partner Tour

Vatnajökull Glacier Walk

Embark on an easy glacier walk. From spring to late summer in Iceland, this is the shortest tour to get away from crowds.
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Glacier Hikes

The Ultimate Glacier Exploration (Full Day Hike & Ice Climb)

This is the most adventurous hard ice glacier experience in Iceland full-stop. Hike & Ice Climb through Vatnajökull's crevasse fields and icefalls.
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Ice Climbing

Private Ice Climbing on Vatnajökull

A full day of learning, coaching & ice climbing on a glacier of Vatnajökull (all levels).
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Glacier Hikes

Full-Day Glacier Hike : Experience Vatnajökull

Go further and deeper into the glacier in Skaftafell for an experience you will never forget! Max 4 guests to 1 guide
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Glacier Hikes

Private Vatnajökull Glacier Hike

A private experience for up to 6 people that you'll never forget, leave with a newfound love & knowledge of glaciers!
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Private Canyoning under Vatnajökull

Jumps, slides, abseils, hike and more with a BBQ on return! Fixed price for 1-8 Guests
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Half-Day Canyoning Under Vatnajökull

A fun ½ day trip with rappelling, jumps & slides in a river canyon!
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